Apex Debuts ‘Give Back’ Business Model at JITO Conference

The Apex team recently attended the Jain International Trade Organisation (JITO) Conference where we debuted our healthy coconut-based products and the Give Back Lifecycle Model that makes these products truly unique.

JITO is an organization that seeks to connect influential and powerful industrialists, entrepreneurs, business people and professionals in order to better pursue noble causes that encourage economic empowerment, knowledge, and service.

Apex shares JITO’s commitment to bettering the people and places where we operate our business. We use our end-to-end Give Back Lifecycle model to specifically find resources we can use to create product opportunities and solutions that enable us to manufacture products that give back at every stage, from resource cultivation through consumption to rebuilding and renewing natural resources. That’s why we decided on the coconut.

At Apex, we use every part of the coconut to create a healthy product for businesses and consumers. Each Apex product starts with fresh coconuts ethically sourced from Indian farmers. Apex is committed to empowering its farmers through educational programs, improvement to their standard of living, and environmental protection. “We’ve found that our relentless commitment to sustainability, innovation, and our farmers has ultimately led to better, cleaner, healthier coconut products that people love,” said Apex Managing Director Ramu Muthusamy.

Check out the gallery below to see images of Apex at JITO Conference.