The Give Back Lifecycle

Everything we do, and every product we make, is governed by what we call The Give Back Test. Does this product give back to the plant, the people, and the planet—at every step of the process? The coconut passes The Give Back Test with flying colors.



We care about the coconut. From the hard outer husk to the hydrating coconut water inside, every part of the coconut is used to create a healthy, sustainable product made by Apex. Our products literally give back to the Earth. GoPost3 combines coconut coir pith with naturally occurring microbes to create an entirely plant-based composting medium that returns nutrients to the soil.


Using state-of-the-art machinery and innovative processes, Apex maintains the high quality and superior consistency of each coconut-based product while reducing its carbon footprint to zero. We innovate at every step of the process to recycle materials, rebuild resources, renew energy, and create healthy products.


Our one-of-a-kind coconut processing facility functions with the future in mind. We are committed to giving back to the planet through solar energy, zero waste, and fair trade farming practices. We believe in products and processes that rebuild resources and improve our planet for future generations.


People are the core of everything we do. We are committed to the safety, health, and happiness of our employees, farmers, and consumers who love and use our coconut products. Our goal is to help people live healthy lives and give back to our planet.


Every part of the coconut is utilized to create one of our premium products. From coconut water to coconut shell charcoal, our clean, safe, natural products contribute to the health of both people and planet.

Energy Conservation

  • Renewable Energy

    Our processing facility is powered by a 32MW solar energy plant which enables us use 100% renewable energy. Our commitment to renewable energy includes the manufacture of coconut shell charcoal, providing renewable fuel for factories and homes.

  • Water Resources

    Apex is the first manufacturing facility in the coconut processing industry to invest in an end-to-end water recycling initiative. The chemical-free water purifying process is built into our coconut processing framework.

Resource Maximization

  • Zero Waste to Landfill

    Every part of the coconut is utilized to create a product at Apex. And since the coconut remains whole until it is processed, none of the raw material goes to waste.

  • Food Waste Management

    Our innovative composting medium, GoPost3, is revolutionizing the compost movement, helping our domestic and commercial customers transform organic green waste into a valuable, nutrient-rich soil.