Apex Launches Groundbreaking New Composting Medium

Apex exhibited to large crowds at COMPOST2018, the USCC’s national conference and the largest compost and organics recycling industry event in the United States, recently held in Atlanta, Ga. The event marked the introduction of our groundbreaking new compost medium — GoPost3.

Compost2018 Attendees visit the GoPost3 Booth to learn about the groundbreaking new composting medium.

For a fast, fresh, feel-good composting experience, GoPost3 is the groundbreaking choice. Made from pure coconut coir pith and naturally occurring microbes, GoPost3 transforms organic waste into valuable, versatile, odor-free compost three times faster than traditional composting methods. Attendees at COMPOST2018 were impressed by the products effectiveness and potential for impact in the compost world.

GoPost3 the only composting medium that works without the use of harsh chemicals, so you can feel good that your compost is safe for your plants, the people, and the planet.


GoPost3 absorbs moisture and completely eliminates odors for a fresher composting experience.


GoPost3 transforms organic waste into high-quality compost 3X faster than traditional composting methods.


GoPost3 gives back to people, plants, and our planet so you can feel good about composting the right way.

GoPost3 composting medium is manufactured at our state-of-the-art, zero-waste coconut processing facility located in the heart of India’s coconut industry. Every step of the process is vertically integrated for complete control, eliminating common outside contaminants like weeds, seeds, and sand