The First-of-its-Kind Coconut
Processing Plant

Our multi-generational company is built on a foundation of expertise, experience, and innovation in sustainable manufacturing practices. As India’s first vertically integrated coconut processing plant, we are fueled by our passion for making high-quality coconut-based products that are clean and healthy.

Where We Are

We are located at the heart of India’s coconut production industry, near the borders of Tamil Nadu and Kerala, where 50 percent of India’s coconuts are produced. Our farmers are truly at the root of what we do, and the India coconut supply chain offers the capacity, quality, and expertise needed to create the best coconut-based products possible.

Why We Give Back

At Apex, we believe in products that give back at every step of the process. Our Apex heritage is rooted in agriculture and manufacturing, and we strive every day to create a legacy that gives back to the plant, the people, and the planet.

The Give Back Lifecycle

Our Values. Our Vision.

When it comes to manufacturing, we value ethics and integrity as much as quality and efficiency. Our Give Back Lifecycle model drives us to consistently produce high-quality coconut-based products that lead the way in sustainable performance across our value chain.

How We Work

We apply our cutting-edge technology and pioneering innovative techniques to manufacture premium, eco-friendly products—using every part of the coconut. We are committed to offering healthy, clean products that eliminate waste and rebuild resources for happy people and a healthy planet.

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